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It’s no secret that NBA star Russell Westbrook loves a great pair of colorful eyeglasses.  From fire engine red to Smurf blue to Cheerios yellow, Westbrook has rocked just about every hue in the crayon box. It’s no wonder the 26-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder player has partnered with JackThreads for a new line of shades titled Westbrook Frames.
The new eyewear line consist of two collections including The Black Series which is named after New York City landmarks Harlem, Soho and Madison Ave. The Gold Series is named after popular California districts like Hollywood, Palisades, Inglewood and Malibu. Each collection comes in a variety of bold colors and sexy patterns and are priced just under $100.


Westbrook told GQ that a man should purchase a new pair of glasses at the beginning of each new season. “I like to get new glasses and sunglasses every time the season changes, but I think if you have one classic pair and one cool, swaggy pair then you will be set.”
When asked about whether you should ever wear glasses inside or not he replied, “It’s based on your own swag. If you feel comfortable wearing sunglasses inside then go for it!”
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