Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

Deadline is reporting that former DWTS  contestant, rapper, model and actor Romeo Miller has been cast as the lead in the upcoming stripper drama, Chocolate City.

The 24-year-old son of rap mogul, Master P, will play a college student named Devin who decides to give exotic dancing a try to pay the bills. He also struggles with his new found fame that goes against his strict religious upbringing.

Also joining the cast is Eurika Pratts, who will play Devin’s girlfriend who’s on the fence about her boyfriend’s new job.

Chocolate City  also features For Better or Worse  star Michael Jai White as the strip club owner and supermodel/actor Tyson Beckford as the club’s premiere dancer whose star is fading.

The film is directed by Jean-Claude LaMarre and starts production in L.A. at the end of June.

RC will keep you posted as this project continues to develop.

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