Posted by | Ray Cornelius

I’m not sure how I missed this but SWV Reunited  is coming back to WEtv for a second season.

It looks like Coko, LeLee and Taj created enough drama and ratings that kept fans and viewers coming back for more each week. Reportedly, the show averaged about 1.2 million viewers and came in second only to the network’s top rated, Braxton Family Values, which averaged about 1.4 million.

In this first season, we saw the ladies perform together after years of discord and mistrust. We also witnessed their off-stage dynamics and got to the root of why the group split in the first place. However, the season ended with the group on the fence (again) regarding Coko’s decision to move forward with her Gospel music career.

Will this spell the end of their group for a second time? I guess we’ll find out when the show returns.


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