Posted by | Cyrena Rose

In anticipation of the series return, Scandal cast members talked to THR about what audiences can expect in Season 2!

Shonda Rhimes revealed Scandal will jump right back into the action when the ABC political fixer drama returns in September with its second — and expanded — season, answering one of the finale’s biggest burning questions right off the bat and opening the door into a bigger mystery.

Quinn, the newest member of Pope & Associates, was taken into custody for her role in boyfriend Gideon’s murder in the seventh and final episode of Season 1 only to find her boss Olivia (Kerry Washington) reveal to the rest of the team that “Quinn” didn’t really exist.

Season 2, Episode 1 is said to be explosive with several reveals, including:

  • Quinn’s dark past is revealed
  • Huck’s dark past is revealed also
  • Olivia gets a new lover
  • A mind blowing reveal with the First Lady
  • The mastermind behind Amanda Tanner’s death is revealed

Stay tuned for a stronger-bolder, 13+ episode Season 2 that begins September 27th @ 10pm!