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If you’re a fan of Ledisi’s Instagram you’ve probably noticed that the Grammy-nominated R&B singer has been working hard to transform her overall image this last year. Her mostly loose fitting garb has now been replaced with body hugging dresses, skin tight jeans and curvaceous bodysuits (Did you see her at this year’s Black Girls Rock ?)

For Ledisi, this sexier, sensual side has always been there but was never really given the chance to come out. Well, all of that changed yesterday when she debuted the cover art for her new album, The Truth,  which comes out 3-11-14.  The revealing photo, shot by Atlanta’s own Derek Blanks, has everyone talking including Ledisi. The 41-year-old singer claims she did it so that her fans and music enthusiasts would finally get to see the real  her.

“That’s me on that cover and that’s me tongue-in-cheek being like, ‘Hmm-mmm.’ I wanted people to look in my face. You never see my face. You never see my eyes. You never see me happy and illuminating. This cover is natural, it’s earthy and you can still see my face. I’ve always been heard and never seen,”  said the singer in an exclusive interview with ESSENCE.  

I once asked a lady, ‘When you think of Ledisi, what do you think?’ And she said, ‘We hear you, but we don’t remember what you look like.’ That’s why I’m making the changes I’m making. You will hear me and you will see me. It’s because image-wise I haven’t shown that.”

Take a look at Ledisi’s transformation below and click here to read the rest of her ESSENCE interview:




What are you’re thoughts about Ledisi’s new sexually charged look? Are you a fan of her new album cover?

Photo Source: Facebook & Twitter/Ledisi