Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Talk about a blast from the past!

NBC has tapped Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer to star in a remake of the classic  Angela Lansbury “who done it” series, Murder She Wrote.

According to Indie Wire, Spencer will play a hospital administrator by day who doubles as a detective and mystery book writer by night. Ironically, her first novel ends up assisting her in solving real-life cases. The role is very similar to Lansbury’s iconic character Jessica Fletcher, who also doubled as a mystery writer and detective.

Murder She Wrote  ran on CBS for 12 seasons and was part of CBS’ Sunday evening line up during the 80’s & 90’s. The popular series even inspired a few TV movies and a spin-off. The reboot will be produced by Alexandria Cunningham and David Janollari.

Look for Spencer to play Anne Tunney, the aunt of James Brown in the upcoming biopic Get on Up, debuting in 2014.

RC will keep you posted as more of this project continues to develop.

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