Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that Jennifer Hudson is as much of a talented singer as she is an incredible actress.

The multi-award winning diva has recorded new music for the soundtrack to her upcoming film about the life of South African freedom fighter, Winnie Mandela.  Reportedly, the song was written by the überly famous songwriter, Diane Warren and features Hudson with the Soweto Gospel Choir.

As previously reported, Winnie Mandela stars the Idol  alum as the wife of activist and former South African President, Nelson Mandela. The film stars Terrence Howard as Mandela and retells the Apartheid era through Winnie’s eyes after the imprisonment of her husband.

According to Hudson, Bleed for Love  is “incredible and meaningful message about the power of love and the extension of the human heart. Diane wrote a beautiful song and it was an honor to work with her and the rest of the team to create this powerful piece of music.”

Look for the Winnie Mandela  soundtrack to drop on September 3, just a few days before the film’s debut on September 6.

Click here to listen to the song.