Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Indie Wire is reporting that hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is gearing up to launch a new animated comic book series based on a book from RavenHammer Comics called The Harlem Shadow.  The project will air on Simmons’ new YouTube channel, All Def Digital and will feature rapper Common as the voice of the new Black superhero.

Here is what Simmons told Entertainment Weekly about the new Jazz-inspired series:

Harlem Shadow.jpg234“The Harlem Shadow  not only brings to life the rich culture, art, fashion, music and creativity of the Harlem Renaissance through the first black superhero of the era – but it also exposes the same grittiness and glamour that heavily influences the modern-day hip-hop community… The Harlem Renaissance scene set the style with the music clubs, cars, all of it from that era – and the fashion, absolutely. There has been a lack of cultural diversity in the world of animated heroes… but we’re about to change that.”

Simmons is also very happy to be working with the Chicago-born rapper turned actor, who he says has the talent and sense of history to connect with the new character. “Common and I have a long history together.  There couldn’t have been a better person to embody the voice and energy of The Harlem Shadow.”

The Harlem Shadow  was created by Brian Williams and Christian Colbert, who plan to officially reveal the comic character at this October’s New York Comic-Con.

Congrats to Russell and Common for stepping outside the box and taking hip-hop to another level!

Photography Credit: Indie Wire