Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Common, Taraji P. Henson, Maxwell, Kevin Hart, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz and Chris Rock are just a few of the A-List celebrities who have lent their voices to a new video titled, “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black In America.”

It was released earlier this week and features the 23 entertainers and the various reasons why African-American men and women have been violently killed by police officers in America over the last few years. It’s based on a list of the same name that was compiled and published by journalist Jamilah King.

“I decided to compile a list of all the seemingly mundane interactions with police that have led to high-profile black deaths. I did this to prove a point: There is a tax on black life in America, and we are better than this,” says King.

Check out her list and the video below: 

1. Selling CDs outside of a supermarket.

2. Selling cigarettes outside of a corner store.

3. Walking home with a friend.

4. Missing a front license plate.

5. Wearing a hoodie.

6. Riding a commuter train.

7. Holding a fake gun in a park in Ohio.

8. Holding a fake gun in a Walmart in Ohio.

9. Holding a fake gun in Virginia.

10. Holding a fake gun in Washington, D.C.

11. Calling for help after a car accident.

12. Driving with a broken brake light.

13. Attending a Bible study class.

14. Failing to signal a lane change.

15. Walking away from police.

16. Walking toward police.

17. Running to the bathroom in your apartment.

18. Walking up the stairwell of your apartment building.

19. Sitting in your car before your bachelor party.

20. Holding your wallet.

21. Making eye contact.

22. Attending a birthday party.

23. Laughing.