Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Indie Wire is reporting that the long-awaited biopic about the personal and political life of Winnie Mandela is finally getting a U.S. release date.  The newly titled, two-year-old film Winnie Mandela  will make its way in theaters on September 6.

As previously reported the film stars Idol  alum and Grammy-winner Jennifer Hudson as Winnie and Terrence Howard as her freedom fighting husband, Nelson Mandela. The film is based on the Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob’s biography Winnie Mandela: A Life  and tells the story of Winnie’s struggle for freedom during the Apartheid era. The film is also being presented by Bishop T.D. Jakes and his TDJ Enterprises.

winnie-the-movie.jpg2345According to Bill Bromiley, Chief Acquisitions Officer for Image Entertainment, Hudson and Howard make quite an acting duo on the silver screen.

“Both Jennifer Hudson (as Winnie) and Terrence Howard (as Nelson Mandela) deliver powerful performances that depict the lives of two influential people of our time. They are a force to be reckoned with on screen, showcasing the Mandelas’ journey through their struggles and triumphs.”

Winnie Mandela  opened in Canada last October as part of the 8th annual Montreal International Black Film Festival, but not without controversy. Apparently, the real Winnie Mandela claims she was never consulted about the project and called the film an “insult.” Also, a number of South Africans did not agree with the American casting and surprisingly objected to Hudson’s weight, calling for her to shed a few pounds. Interesting!

At any rate, the film is finally here and we can’t wait to see it. I am sure we will be seeing a number of teasers over the next few weeks promoting the film’s debut. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the current trailer and tell us what you think…

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