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It’s been said that there are three sides to every story…his or her story, your story, and the truth. Well it looks like former En Vogue singer Dawn Robinson is finally getting a chance to tell her truth on TV One’s newest reality spin-off R&B Divas: LA.

According to an interview with S2S,  Robinson reveals her point of view about what really happened between her and the other members of the popular musical act.

“It really feels like I’m getting out what I always wanted to get out, that I’m expressing myself in a way that I always wanted to, that people who misunderstood me before will finally get a chance to understand what happened in my past and where I’m going now,” said Dawn who called the reality TV experience “therapeutic” and “wonderful.”

en-vogueEn Vogue was the quintessential girl group of the 1990’s. Much like The Supremes  these “Funky Divas” were the personification of glamour, sophistication and class. Robinson and the girls; Maxine Jones, Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron, dominated the music charts with such hits as “Hold On,” “Free Your Mind,” and “Giving Him Something He Can Feel.” With unmatched vocals and a style all their own, En Vogue was  the standard amongst the other girl groups of that era including SWV, Jade and TLC.

However, with fame and fortune comes “tension” and by the end of the 90’s Robinson had left the En Vogue to pursue a solo career. This “off again, on again” relationship with the group’s members would continue throughout the next decade until 2011, when she officially left the group for the last time. Robinson hopes to shed some light on the situation and put all of the speculation and rumors to rest.

“I feel like I’m finally being heard for the first time. People assumed a lot about me without really knowing the truth,”  she said. “I was never able to discuss what happened to EnVogue.”

In addition to addressing the group’s issues, Robinson hopes to show viewers her comedic side, something she says fans didn’t get to see when she was with the group.

“EnVogue was so upscale…and prim and proper and we wore our dresses and we ‘shoo-dooped’ all the time; we had our choreography, and you never got to see us clown around, but Terry [Ellis] is hilarious. You never saw that side of her. We would laugh at her to the point where we would get in trouble because we weren’t finishing putting on our makeup before a show, and we were late. That’s the kind of stuff I wish people would have seen with us when we were all together,”  she said.

Look for Robinson and her new diva friends Chante Moore, Lil Mo, Kelly Price, Michel’le and Claudette Ortiz in R&B Divas: LA, which debuts on July 10 on TV One.

Check out the new trailer below:

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