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To avoid jail time, the star is seeking rehab

Atlanta rapper, Lil’ Scrappy says his addiction to marijuana has left his life spiraling out of control, so he’s decided to go to rehab. Although there are talks about marijuana becoming a popular form of alternative medicine there are still some who are worried about The Negative Side Effects Of Both Medical And Recreational Marijuana.

Darryl Richardson, who is also known for his reality TV show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, spoke to reporters about his decision on Wednesday.

I’m not just trying to cure the feeling for right now,” he told reporters. “It could put me in longer-term trouble in my life. There’s no good in it. The only good I get out of it is the feeling for the time being. After that, it’s trouble right after that.”

Richardson told FOX 5 he doesn’t think things would be different if he didn’t have a reality show, which is still currently in production.

I don’t blame the judicial system for me being in my situation,” he said. “I’ve put all fingers on myself. I have a will power that God blessed me with, but I wasn’t able to use it because of my addiction.”

Richardson said his trip to rehab is not part of a publicity stunt.

I don’t feel good about this,” he said. “This ain’t– this ain’t the best thing for me to be sitting up here telling people I’m going to rehab. That’s not something I had in store in my brain for my life.”

There were several cameras and a big production crew from Richardson’s reality show was also present for the news conference. He said that’s just part of life, and right now, his focus is on his family. He has a daughter, whom he says is very disappointed in him.

Richardson said he wants to restore his position as a father and as a man. He says he hopes other young men– particularly other young black men that look at him and see him as an inspiration– will look to the mistakes and learns their own lessons.

Richardson will begin a 30-day rehab program on Wednesday afternoon, hoping he will be a better man afterwards. He admits it is a long journey.