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I’d like to think I’m here to make a difference“- Bethann Hardison

Founder of the Black Girls Coalition, Bethann Hardison, will be honored with a Frederick Douglass Award this Thursday for her commitment to promote diversity in fashion.

The ex-model and current activist sat down for a Q&A with WWD to talk about her career, and crusade to increase visibility of black models; she knows her work is far from over:

After seeing the numbers from the 2013 February shows — 9 percent Asian, 6 percent black, 2 percent Latin, 0.3 percent other and 82.7 percent white — that’s when I knew I had to get back out there. When the agencies told me how political it has become, I thought, “What have you all sucked into?” We are absolutely in some sort of trouble. That’s not people of color — that’s we the people as a nucleus are in trouble. They don’t understand the effect. They’re not conscious of that because they’re just doing fashion.

Bethann Hardison

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