Photo Credit/Oprah Winfrey

Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Say it ain’t so!

According to HB, Oprah’s Next Chapter will feature the ladies of ABC’s newest hit series Scandal.

Apparently, Lady O surprised the cast recently and took tons of photos and released them via Instagram. She also tweeted that her Next Chapter would include actress Kerry Washington and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes.

Scandal is without a doubt the hottest television drama on the freakin planet and is the first network show to have a leading black actress in 30 years.

It is not clear whether Judy Smith, the real Olivia Pope will be joining the ladies during the interview.  However, knowing Ms. Winfrey, she will have all three divas on for one big end of the year program.

Stay close to RC as more of this hot story is sure to develop!