Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Rapper extraordinaire Ice Cube recently gave his former Friday co-star Chris Tucker a bit of advice.

Apparently, Tucker is not so enthusiastic about doing a fourth installment to the film franchise and expressed this during a Tom Joyner Morning Show interview saying that the “magic” of the first installment is no longer there.  However, Ice Cube says that’s the film will proceed with or without him.

“Well, my magic is still here so the movie is going to get done,” Cube responded.  “The movie is going to be funny… He’s more than welcomed to be a part of it … But for whoever’s down, the movie is going to get made… One person isn’t going to stop the show.”

Cube also says that the script is written and he is waiting for notes from New Line Cinema. In the meantime, Cube offered this bit of advice for Tucker, who is currently touring the country with a new stand up show.

“You should never out grow your fans,” Cube advised. “If the fans want him to do this movie, that’s what we’re in this for, then that’s what he should do.”