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Tyra Banks gets the last laugh with her upcoming television series Fivehead. . .

If you are unaware, the term “fivehead” refers to people with a relatively large forehead; so the title of the show is befitting for the Supermodel.

Apparently the model-turned-television mogul was bullied in her teenage years and her new show will cover those years.  Deadline reports Banks just sold the scripted show based on her life to ABC.

Banks is co-creating/executive producing Fivehead with Kenya Barris (Fox’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter), a childhood friend and longtime business partner with whom Banks also co-created America’s Next Top Model, now in its 19th cycle.

Barris and Banks will co-create together the characters and the story for Fivehead, and Barris will write the script.  The two first met when they were 6-year-olds and attended school together, which gives Barris a first-hand account of the very times Banks and he will be reminiscing about in Fivehead.

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