Posted by | Ray Cornelius

It appears that some photos of actress Zoe Saldana as jazz and blues singer Nina Simone have surfaced on the web and made their way to

Saldana is seen wearing a black afro wig with dark make up on her face and what appears to be a prosthetic nose and mouth piece.  I guess the director took Jill Scott’s advice after all, huh? Remember, this was one of the main objectives fans had about Saldana playing Simone because she doesn’t resemble her at all.

However, this is pretty convincing or is it?

It is not clear what stage of the make-up process Saldana was in so she may look much different once they get her dressed and on the set. However, what is clear is that they are trying to make her look as close to Simone as possible.

At any rate, comedian Mike Epps recently joined the cast as the legendary comedian Richard Pryor, who once opened for Simone in the 1960’s.  The film also stars David Oyelowo as Simone’s manager, Clifton Henderson. Filming for NINA started last week in L.A.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree with the director’s make up decision or is this an epic fail?