Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Actress Elise Neal has been on her grind these days prepping for new television and film roles.

A few weeks back, RC reported that she would be appearing on the new season of the ABC show Scandal as a lawyer with some secrets.

Now Elise is gearing up to play another character with secrets, Sister Roberts, in the new film The Undershepard.  The story, which also stars Isaiah Washington and Malinda Williams, looks into the role mega churches play in the African American community.

“The movie is art imitating life. Anyone who has ever given money at church and has question marks, this movie goes there. And we explore a variety of topics from adultery in the church, pastors cheating, money being taken for personal gain or spent illegally, and more,” Neal says.

Neal says the film’s producer is prepared to take on the negative backlash that the movie may receive from mega church parishioners but says she hopes “it will cause some discussion and some reflections.”