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Sony Pictures plans to kick-start a franchise starring Two-Time Oscar Winner Denzel Washington

Last year, Sony Pictures began a development project for The Equalizer  and pursued Denzel Washington as the film’s star.  Now, after receiving a script by Richard Wenk (who penned The Expendables 2 ), the studio has been prompted to expedite Washington’s deal and begin production next year in April.

Deadline also reports Washington is currently closing on the deal and will receive his customary $20 million price and potential directors are being lined-up for the job.

The film is loosely based on the TV series that starred Edward Woodward as a mysterious former covert operations officer who helps people in trouble.

The film has that basic premise but takes off in its own way, tailored to Washington’s skills.  He’ll play a solitary, monastic figure that hates injustice and devotes himself to helping people who are being victimized.

Denzel Washington’s will be seen next in Flight  and is currently ‘shooting’ 2 Guns  with Mark Wahlberg and Paula Patton.

Mr. Washington is one busy man and is still a hot commodity!  Tell us what you think of his upcoming franchise!

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