Written by | Ray Cornelius

Singer and former Xscape member, LaTocha Scott has been slowly easing her way back onto the music scene.

As reported a few weeks back, she released a new single on iTunes entitled, “Bad Timing” and received a lot of positive feedback from her fans.  Now Scott is teaming up with ATL bad boy Wale for another new single entitled, “Complicated.”

RC recently caught up with Scott while attending Big Boi’s Annual Charity event last week. She was very excited about her new music and her new album, which is expected to arrive in stores at the beginning of 2013.

We also talked about her slim new look and why she has no desire to be in front of the camera like her former band mates, Kandi and Tiny.  Although she applauds the ladies, she says “Reality TV is just not her thing.”  Instead, she would prefer that her music be her reality!

RC: You’ve been working on some new music and most recently dropped a single with Wale. Tell us a little bit about it.

LS:  Well, it’s my ‘return’ song with Wale and its entitled “Complicated” and I think a lot of people can relate to this one.  I had a lot of people hit me up on Twitter and we’re like, “I love this song.”  So I’ve been really busy.  I also have an EPK coming up with a couple of songs that I plan to give away for some of my fans that have been waiting patiently.  I’ve put my heart and soul into this album and I hope everyone enjoys it.  I’m just happy to be back!

RC: Any other projects you’re been working on?

I have a foundation called Golden Gyrls.  So I have been doing a lot mentoring and giving back.  Anytime I can give back to children is always a good thing.  I think that love reciprocates itself and builds self-esteem and character.

RC: Everyone has been talking about your fabulous new look. What were some of the things you did to improve your overall health?

LS:  Well, being called a big girl for such a long time, kind of messed with me a little bit and I said, “You know I don’t want to be called a ‘big girl’ anymore.  I want people to know me as LaTocha.”  So, I changed my eating habits and became a pescetarian.  I ate a lot of fruit and vegetables. I also worked out and did lots of cardio.  I found that just eating right just helped me. It kind of freed my mind up and it gave me a lot more energy.  That was a lifestyle change for me and its working.

RC: Atlanta is seeing a boom in terms of film, television shows and production. Any plans to be a part of this new renaissance of entertainment?

LS:  I have always put 100% in everything I’ve ever done and I’m going to make sure my music is done right first and foremost.  People have been asking me about reality shows but I told them I want my music to be my reality show—to know what LaTocha’s been doing without having to go through my personal life.  I would definitely love to do movies and television in the future.  Yes!

RC: Speaking of reality shows…what are your thoughts about the ‘so-called’ negative imagery Atlanta women have been displaying in reality TV?

LS:  You know there’s always gonna be good and bad with anything.  My hat goes off to the ladies for putting their lives on display for the whole world to see.  But you know what? I always try to find a positive in everything and I try not to bash anyone.  If that’s what these ladies want to do, then big ups to them. But reality television is just not for me.

RC: You started out very young in the entertainment industry. What advice would give to a teenager that wants to pursue a career in music?

LS: I would say, “Stay committed to your passion!” Never let up.  Always stay committed. You’re gonna always have people to tell you, “you’re too big” or “you can’t do that.” But I beg to differ.  Anytime you have adversity, you can always overcome.