Alexi Torres – Film Through Me – Oil on Canvas, 2012

Written by | Ray Cornelius

RC had an opportunity to attend the NBAF’s Slavery By Another Name: The Dialogue  this past week at Mason Murer Fine Art in Atlanta, GA.  While there, I couldn’t help but capture some images of the beautiful art work that was on display throughout the space. Many of the pieces ranged from mixed media to oil on canvas to sculptors and photographs.

One piece or rather display of work that stood out the most was Stephen Hayes’ mixed media called Cash Crop. These life-size statues of African slaves enchained on The Middle Passage were simply breath-taking and very thought provoking.

Who were they? What were their individual stories? Did they survive the trip from Africa to the Americas?

Check out this amazing work as well as some additional pieces…

Stephen Hayes – Cash Crop – Mixed Media 2010

Kath Engler – Elevated Twins – Mixed Media 2010

Kath Engler – Sons of Niobe – Mixed Media 2010

Boyd Lewis – Coretta Scott King Confers with Daddy King – Photography 1973

Pam Moxley – The Chase – Photography 2008

Roberto Santo – Flight of Mercury – Bronze Sculptor 2010

This extraordinary piece is one of eight ever made and is owned by Atlanta’s own, Tyler Perry.