Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Erika Alexander has been keeping busy these days developing a new series of graphic novels featuring strong Black female leads.

Alexander, best known as the feisty attorney Maxine Shaw on the 90’s sitcom Living Single, developed the series of along with her husband Tony Puryear and brother Robert.  Alexander, who has been writing off and on for the past twenty years, says the works were inspired by the late Octavia E. Butler and from indie films.

“Tony, my brother and I share the co-creator credit,” said Alexander. “We just made something we wanted to see. We were all inspired by films like City of God. Octavia Butler’s work was a big influence. Another important touchstone for us is old soul music.”

The series entitled, Concrete Park, is set in the future where humanity is threatened by gangs and lesbian lovers Luca and Lena and a host of other multicultural characters struggle to survive in their harsh environment.


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