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If you are a fan of TVOne’s, Unsung, you can recall seeing the episode on Bobby Womack; it was among the most watched and commented upon in the series.  Executive producer Mark Rowland said of the legend, “he gets counted out over and over in different ways throughout his career, and yet he keeps coming back.”

At age 68, gospel, soul singer, songwriter and guitar player Bobby Womack is at it again!  He’s back with a new album, The Bravest Man In The Universe (produced by Damon Albarn); his first album of original material since 1994’s Resurrection.  

BlackVoices reports he quit the life to save his life.  He gave up music because he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Drugs and music.  Music and drugs.  The two were so intrinsically entwined, he felt the only way to really quit one was to give up the other.

Now, he’s carrying the torch for all those friends who fell victim to the lifestyle or were forgotten by time.

“I’ve got to represent some of the greatest soul singers that ever walked in life.  I still feel that they don’t get their propers for what really happened,” he said. “Since I’ve outlived 90 percent of those people, I said, `Let me make a statement.'” 

The album was recorded at Albarn’s ‘Studio 13’ in west London and New York’s Manhattan Center between October and December 2011; take a look at the making of The Bravest Man In the Universe:  [youtube id=”6YHTXH2RDMk” width=”600″ height=”350″]If you are in the Detroit area on Saturday, July 21st, check out The White AffairThe Isley Brothers featuring Ron Isley and Bobby Womack at Chene Park.

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