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RHOA Nene Leakes sounds off on reality television!  Tami Roman of VH1 Basketball Wives gets emotional on The Wendy Williams Show.  Singing “powerhouse” Stephanie Mills says she will never appear on what popular music show?  Find out in the latest, “She Said What?”

“It’s gone way too far. The truth is the truth. It has just gone too far. Too many fights, my God! I can see if there was one here or there. And I always say to people when they say something about reality, you can say whatever y’all want about reality TV, Atlanta Housewives, we don’t do that. We definitely have had our verbal fights, but never physical fights.” — As said by RHOA Nene Leakes during a recent interview with

“I don’t like that show.  They have approached me quite a few times, but I [won’t] do that show. I’ve always been very private and at 55 I don’t want to open up my life to that.  They’ve done Angela Winbush and they even wanted me to say something about her on that show, and I love Angela, we’re sisters. But I had to tell her, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ …I’m not that girl.”—As told to the by Stephanie Mills regarding her dislike of the TVOne program, Unsung

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“This particular incident really taught me a valuable lesson. I wasnt really acknowleging the platform that VH1 and Shed have offered me.  And I wasn’t being responsible. For the first time I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their mom and they were embarrassed of me.”— As told to Wendy Williams by Tami Roman of the VH1’s Basketball Wives.

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