Bevy Smith with designer Marc Jacobs

Posted by | Ray Cornelius

It has been said that one of the most intimate things you can do is break bread with another person. I guess that is why media maven Bevy Smith is particular about whom she invites to her Dining with Bevy: Life with Vision Series. For Bevy, these series are more than just feel good, networking sessions but it’s about developing true relationships, partnerships and equipping individuals to go and stay at the next level.

The former fashion advertising executive turned entrepreneur recently spoke to about the launch of her new series and why fellowship is more important than networking.

“I want people to walk away saying — ‘I connected with people, I learned, I shared, I fellowshipped — and now I have some tools to move forward,'” she told The Huffington Post.

Bevy’s dinners are invitation only and are usually limited to 50 people. The aim of the dinners is to help individuals fulfill their passions through motivational speaking and visualization exercises.  It is a unique experience that usually connects people within the fashion, media and entertainment industry. Attendees must be 21 years and older, must complete a questionnaire, submit a resume and write a letter explaining his or her life passion and why they should be selected.  An entry fee of $100 is also required.

Smith, who has hosted several events featuring a number of A-Listers as guest motivational speakers says, “I’m not anti-job, I’m anti-doing something that brings you no joy.

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