Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Singers Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have been seen together a lot over the past year. Although the two denied they were in a relationship at first, it became very apparent they were an item after his near fatal neck injury earlier this year left him temporarily impaired and Sparks never left his side.

Now, the “Sparkle” singer-actress is saying that the two have talked about marriage and is a topic that doesn’t scare them.

“If I’m going to be completely honest [marriage] comes into conversation multiple times a day,” Jordin recently told 92.3 NOW. “We talk about the future and it’s not a conversation that scares us.”

So, is a wedding on the horizon? Well, not quite!

Sparks says it isn’t something that will happen anytime soon considering both of their careers right now but that they haven’t ruled it out for the future.

Umm hmmm, we’ll make sure to keep our eyes on these two love birds.

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