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Earlier this week we told you Shaunie mentioned cutting 3 women from the BBW Miami reality show; well now it’s official!

Royce Reed (the baby mama to Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard), Jennifer Williams (ex-wife of ex-NBA guard Eric Williams) and Kesha Nichols (former fiancée of San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson) have been ‘benched’ from the reality TV series according to TMZ.

The cuts come just 2 days after star/executive producer Shaunie O’Neal (Shaquille’s ex-wife) told The Insider that she won’t return to the show for a 5th season with the current cast intact.  There were 3 she said that came to mind but wouldn’t publically name them.

“Immediately, no questions asked.  It’s not anything personal, it’s just not where I’m trying to go.  Not on the same page,” Shaunie said of the three women that were cut.

Who do you think the new starting line-up will be since the ladies above have been permanently benched?

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