Posted by | Ray Cornelius

The video for Whitney Houston’s last recorded song ‘Celebrate” was released this week and that is exactly what the ‘Sparkle’ cast did.  The song is part of the soundtrack for the ‘Supremes’ inspired film starring Jordin Sparks and the late Whitney Houston.

Sparks is seen with throwing a house party with her most of her cast mates as images of the film and Whitney appear throughout the house. The group is seen smiling, jumping, bumping and having a genuinely good time as some of the female cast mates take turns mimicking Houston’s part.

According to Sparks during a recent interview with BET, Houston was slated to make a cameo appearance with her in the video. But plans changed in February when Houston suddenly passed away.

“When we did the song, we planned on it being Whitney and me. But she’s not here, so we wanted to make it a tribute to her. So it’s fun, upbeat and exciting — there are clips from the movie and the main cast is in the video too. It’s me, Tika Sumpter, Carmen Ejogo, Derek Luke, Omari HardwickGoapele is in it and Mike Epps. We’re all just having a good time [and the premise is] they all come over to my house singing along to Whitney’s music. And we’re missing her and celebrating her as well. It’s actually pretty simple, but when you watch it and hear her voice along with it, it makes it so much more.”

“Sparkle” will open in theaters August 17.

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