Posted by | Tamara Ren’ee

A few months ago we reported the controversy over Mary J. Blige’s Burger King commercial.  Critics believed her song about fried chicken reinforced an old stereotype about African-Americans.  In a recent interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez the singer reveals, “It just broke my heart.”

When the ad initially ran Blige’s reps had no comment.  Now, Blige addresses her initial silence saying, “Everyone was doing what they were doing and saying what they were saying and I  just felt that there was no need for me to say anything,”

The R&B Diva recently issued an apology to her fans that were offended by the ad. “I want to apologize to everyone who was offended who thought that I would do something that was so disrespectful to our culture. I would never do anything like that. I thought I was doing something right.”

What are your thoughts about the Burger King ad?