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For all of you unlucky souls that didn’t get a chance to see the high-priestess of R&B when she toured last year can now get an opportunity to redeem yourselves.

Sade recently released a DVD of her 2011 Soldier of Love concert tour entitled Bring Me Home. The DVD/CD combo features live performances of 22 songs, a behind-the-scenes film, a technical documentary and crew outtakes. The musical spectacle is directed by long-time collaborator, Sophie Muller. recently caught up with the iconic songstress and discussed everything from the DVD to new music to her stunning looks and her thoughts about today’s female entertainers.

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On what fans can expect from Bring Me Home–Live 2011

We wanted people to walk away from the show having had an amazing memorable experience even if they weren’t a particular fan. Like a great movie that you might see that effects you and leaves a lasting impression.

On her timeless beauty…

I’ve tried a few times to get fit but I don’t like inflicting pain upon myself and I don’t have the will. But I am active, I’m a physical person. I’d rather push a barrow than weights, and then somehow I don’t feel the pain.

On The Robert Glasper Experiment’s cover of Cherish the Day featuring Lalah Hathaway…

I’ve not yet heard this cover, but I love to hear interpretations of our songs. Anyway, I have a feeling that once a song is out there it belongs to the world. I like The Civil Wars version of “No Ordinary Love.” I love when our songs are sampled because someone is reforming your work and giving it a new feeling.

On Beyoncé’s open letter to her…

The music business usually tries to set all the girls against each other; it’s so lovely when one woman openly appreciates another, but then Beyoncé is a Solider Girl. She’s special.

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