Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Music legend Barbra Streisand is headed back to the studio and may be recording a duets album with everyone from Rihanna to Jay-Z!

According to The New York Post, Streisand has a new contract with Sony Music and record executives are looking to possibly pair the “real” Barbs [not Nicki Minaj’s fans] with a younger generation of singers for a possible duets album. Artists considered include Rihanna and Adele.

Apparently execs are hoping to cash in on a successful album much like last year’s Tony Bennett duets album featuring Lady Gaga and the late Amy Winehouse.  Streisand may even consider recording a song with Jay-Z.  Imagine that!

Let’s hope Sony Music makes this happen. An album with such great talent would put Streisand back on the music charts and put a feather in the cap of these younger artists.

Tell us what you think about a duets album between Barbra Streisand and Rihanna?