Posted by | Ray Cornelius

By now, everyone has heard about the alleged Tyson Beckford “sex tape” that is circulating around the adult entertainment community.

TMZ broke the news about a tape that reveals the supermodel “taking matters into his own hands” while on an internet video chat with a female model.

Since the story broke, Tyson has responded through a Tweet saying, “Don’t even faze me…We all do it, just mine got caught on film…Not much of a sex tape, lol.”

Tyrese Gibson also responded to Tyson via Twitter regarding Tyson’s displeasure of being mistaken for the “Transformer” actor. Apparently, the mistaken identity was part of Tyson’s gripe during the phone sex shenanigans with the female model.

Tyrese’s response, however, was a very positive one since he claims that he has gotten a lot of sex because of the mistaken identity. “I’ve pulled a few of your fans who thought I was YOU..!! They were too bad to let them go!! LOL!”

Tyson Beckford is best known for his work with Ralph Lauren, Polo and Sean John.

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