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Sheryl Lee Ralph is on a mission to reclaim the term diva. For far too long it has been loosely associated with extremely fabulous, ‘larger than life’ female entertainers [take your pick] with big hair and even bigger attitudes.  But Sheryl is ready to change that negative perception through her new book, Redefining Diva.

This semi-autobiographical/self-help book is more than just an opportunity for this ‘original’ Dreamgirl to clear up a few rumors about her and ummm–well you’ll just have to read the book to find out–but it’s really an opportunity to help those women [and a few men] discover or recover their true and authentic diva.

I had a chance to chat with Sheryl recently after her ‘Conversation and Cocktails’ event at Atlanta’s Hammonds House where we discussed her diva essentials. Enjoy!

RC:  What is a must have shoe in a diva’s closet?

SLR:  Comfortable! Com-fort-able! I don’t care if it’s a platform or a stiletto. It can be a flat or Birkenstock or a White Mountain. It’s got to be comfortable.

RC:  A diva likes to smell good. So, what is a must have perfume?

SLR:  Well, I make my own. And it’s not a perfume at all. It’s oil! And I don’t have a name for it but it sure smells good.  Everywhere I go people are like, “OMG!” Umm hmm.

RC:  What is your diva cocktail of choice?

SLR:  See I don’t believe that you have to have drinks or cocktails. But if you are going to have something, go with champagne. And then if you can’t afford it then a great Prosecco. It’s actually a white wine bubble version and has much smaller bubbles than champagne. It’s very affordable and great summer time drink!

RC:  What designer is a must have in a diva’s closet?

SLR:  For me, it’s been forever Tadashi; followed closely by Kevan Hall.

RC:  What is must have bling-bling?

SLR:  I really love the hand beaded earrings that I get from the HIV positive women I work with in South Africa. There is nothing like those beaded earrings that I wear. There amazing! Followed by my Sterling Silver Balls I from Tiffany.

RC:  A diva’s purse must be?

SLR:  A big one! [LOL]

RC:  What is a must have book?

SLR:  Redefining Diva by Sheryl Lee Ralph. That’s a good book baby! [LOL]