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The Rattler alumni strikes again!  Over the weekend, producer Will ‘Power’ Packer’s film Think Like A Man took the #1 spot; grossing over $33.3 million!  Will’s production company {with co-founder Rob Hardy}, Rainforest Films has churned out successful ‘number one’ films, including:  Stomp the Yard, Takers and Obsessed.

Will recently interviewed with Indiewire’s Shadow and Act about the film’s strong opening and his current project with Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, No Good Deed.  Check out excerpts of Will’s interview:

– What does this weekend’s box office win mean in the grander scheme of things? Why should we be excited about this? What does it mean for you and Rainforest films?

It’s huge. I don’t think the significance of opening with the number 1 movie in America can be overstated. This isn’t the number 1 lower-budgeted film, or the number 1 African American Film, or the number 1 film for a particular audience; It’s the number 1 movie in America, period; and if those numbers hold, then we’re going to be in a great position that shows the power of a smart strategic marketing plan that takes advantage of social media, networking, grassroots and a great campaign; because we were up against films that were significantly larger than us. However, the great equalizer is the level of grassroots, social media, Twitter, Facebook support that we got; and the audience is saying, we want to see more films like this. And I think that when audiences start to realize their power in Hollywood decision making, you will see more films like this made and become more successful.

– And finally, I know that your next project is gearing up in Atlanta, with Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson – both you’re working with again; anything you can share with us on what to expect from the film, and when we can expect to see it in theaters?

I’m actually calling you from the set of that movie right now; and yes, that’s the next one. As a producer, it don’t stop, as they say. I’ve got one film opening this weekend, and now I’m in production on my next one; it’s a cycle, and I’m blessed to be able to be active as a producer. I don’t have a release date yet; I just want to first get through this current release [Think Like A Man], and then get through this new production [No Good Deed], and then I’ll start looking at when’s the best time to release it; but yes, it’s a thriller with Idris and Taraji; it’s a script that I’m really proud of because it’s a film that wasn’t originally conceived with African American leads in mind; and I like the fact that it’s a universal film; but I wanted to put the best talent in front of the camera for this movie, and those 2 people happened to be Idris and Taraji, who happened to be black. This will help us in building as well if, or rather, when it’s successful.

Will Packer is consistently on the move and riding high!  To read the entire interview, go to >> Indiewire.  Also, listen to Will chat-it-up with The Breakfast Club about Think Like A Man’s success!