Steve Harvey’s schedule is pretty full these days. Between his daily radio program, being a husband to wife Marjorie and the numerous media rounds promoting his new comedy, “Think Like A Man,” Harvey is truly a man on the move.

RayCornelius had the pleasure of speaking briefly with Harvey where he discussed how the book became a movie, what fans can expect from his new talk show and his new dating site, Locate Your Love.

On transitioning the book “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” into a film?

After the book had been out for six weeks, Oprah called me to do her show.  And it had been #1 on NYT for six weeks and then after that, Screen Gems called.  Will Packer called and said, “Hey man, we want to buy the rights to your book and turn it into a movie.”  I said, “Cool, how much?” [laughs] He gave me a price but it didn’t work.  So we kept talking and finally gave me a number that I was like, yeah!

On what fans have to look forward to with the new talk show?

We’re going to have to move to Chicago, that’s for starters.  I’m not going to revolutionize day-time talk but I tell you this, there will be no one else in day-time talk funnier than the show we will produce.

On what advice he would give to young adults looking for love?

Marjorie and I have a philosophy.  We’ve formed a two handed circle.  There are only two people allowed in this circle.  The “in-laws” are not in it.  The media isn’t in it.  The bloggers aren’t in it.  Our kids aren’t it.  And our friends aren’t in it.  And our business isn’t in it. We make all our decisions ourselves.  So when the bloggers are hating and something else is going down, we love each other that much more, because what we have is real and we know that it work; so what do we care what people write.  We’re happy and we want this for everyone.

On his new dating site, Locate Your Love

It’s going to be the hottest dating site in America; in just a little while.  We haven’t really started promoting it but Locate Your Love is going to help a lot of people find love.

“Think Like A Man” opens in theaters this week, April 20!