If you’re looking for Erykah Badu these days, she’s out chasing rabbits…well not literally! The Dallas-born soul singer is a brand ambassador for Hennessy’s “The Chase: Following Your Wild Rabbit” Campaign.  It’s the cognac brand’s new feel good initiative about pursuing one’s passions and Badu has been tapped once again to help spread the word.

The “Window Seat” singer and mother of three spoke recently to Huffingtonpost.com about her new gig as well as up-coming projects and balancing her time between singing and being a midwife.

On becoming a spokesperson for Hennessy’s ‘Wild Rabbit” campaign…

This is not my first time being involved in a Hennessy campaign. My first one was a couple of years ago, it was called “Hennessy Artistry: The Art Of Mixing.” It was where Hennessy had given artists [signed along with unsigned artists] a platform to express their art and music. And it was really cool. The Roots curated it and I thought that was a really good fit. Ahmir [Questlove] always does such a good job bringing in artists and doing a musical montage to keep a show going, and they asked me to do that this year. And I was more than pleased to do that. This year’s campaign is called “The Chase: Following Your Wild Rabbit.” It promotes never giving up, unshakably following the thing that guides you.

On new projects and new music…

I just had a project come out called Rocket Juice and the Moon, with myself, Tony Allen [the drummer from Fela!], Flea [bass player from the Red Hot Chili Peppers], and Damon Albarn [from the Gorillaz]. I also have a group called The Cannabinoids, which consists of myself and eight other musicians on stage with me — actually, they’re not musicians they’re producers. And we create music live on the spot. I created the group so it could keep me creative, and it also keeps me connected to my roots. All of the producers in the group are a part of my history. We have an album coming out in the last quarter of this year. My solo album also comes out in the last quarter.

On balancing her singing career and new found love as a midwife…

That keeps me really, really busy because I never know when a mom is going to go into labor. So that means if I’m at a show and I get a page then I got to go. [Laughs] Or if I’m at the studio and I get a call then I have to go.

Check out E. Badu in Hennessey’s The Chase: Following Your Wild Rabbit Behind the Scenes video below:

[youtube id=”RxxfDQXccPg” width=”600″ height=”350″]