Posted by | Ray Cornelius 

Check out the latest single from three-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. The song is titled, “Good Man” and was originally posted on his social media page on Wednesday.

“It don’t matter where I’m is. I wanna be chillin with Obama talking business, see you callin, tell him hold up I got take this. Let the world wait…” proclaims Ne-Yo in the song.

In addition to the new release, Ne-Yo is also starring in the new YouTube series Step Up: High Water, along with Naya Rivera, Faizon LovePetrice Jones and Lauryn McClain. It premiered on January 31 and follows a brother and sister duo who attempt to navigate through Atlanta’s dance world hoping to realize their dreams and seize their moment.

Tell us what you think about “Good Man” below:

Photo Credit: YouTube/Ne-Yo