Posted by | Cyrena Rose

Actor, comedian, author and radio personality Steve Harvey has signed on to do a new syndicated TV talk show in Chicago!  

Harvey is the host of Family Feud and his own syndicated morning radio show (both based in Atlanta).   He and his family will move to Chicago from Atlanta in the summer to begin taping for the show which is scheduled to debut September 10th.

The one-hour talk show will add a comic-spin to life and relationship drama, including:   romance, marriage, parenting, friendship and the workplace.  Harvey states his show will offer a male viewpoint on daytime TV, which is largely missing. 

Producers considered basing the program in Connecticut or New York; Atlanta was also in the mix – Harvey chose Chicago.

“Chicago has proven to be a great talk show town,” the comedian said. “I started my radio career in Chicago, and I thought it only appropriate to start my talk show career in Chicago as well. I’m not afraid of hard work, because I will continue to host ‘Family Feud’ and my syndicated morning radio show.”

Source:  Chicago Sun-Times