Macy Gray released a brand new album this week entitled, “Covered.”  The project is a selection of handpicked indie rock tunes including Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up,” My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers,” Eurythmics’s “Here Comes The Rain Again,” and Kayne West’s “Love Lockdown” over Nina Simone’s “Buck.”  She also has appearances on the album by Nicole Scherzinger, MC Lyte and actor and part-time DJ Idris Elba.

Gray credits a YouTube video of Nina Simone’s version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” as inspiration for the album.  The singer-actress recently spoke to about “Covered” which is being release on 429 Records.

Gray on why she decided to release a cover album…

“Everybody thought it was a bad idea. Covers have a stigma attached to them; they don’t do very well, they’re for really, really old people, but I was watching YouTube and saw Nina Simone singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and just thought: I have to do something like that.”

Gray on song selections…

“Some songs you have to leave alone. We tried some Fiona Apple, we tried the Black Keys, that’s my favorite band. We tried King of Leon, we tried Prince, but some stuff…you can’t make it better. Other stuff didn’t go with my voice.”

[youtube id=”qCnj2z3ydYU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Click here for the full interview and catch Macy Gray on tour later on this year!