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Congrats to Broadway star and jazz vocalist Leslie Odom Jr. The “Nationwide is on your side” singer is coming to primetime in a new pilot for ABC that is produced by Kerry Washington.

According to BlackFilm, the comedy series is based on the life and ministry of Pastor Touré Roberts and Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts.

“Leslie, played by Odom, and Hope are joint pastors at a young, hip, diverse church in Los Angeles. Through their services, online streams and books, they are experts at uniting people across different races, genders, orientations and opinions. But when it comes to uniting the people in their blended family, they are way out of their comfort zone — and as a result, the teachers often find themselves the pupils.”

The untitled project is executive produced by Washington along with Pilar Savone as well as the Roberts. Saladin K. Patterson will serve as the project’s writer.

“Kerry Washington is one of the most formidable artists of my generation,” said Odom. “We’ve been searching for the better part of two years to find an idea about which we both felt passionate enough to dedicate ourselves. I’ve gone to Touré’s church for over 15 years. He is a unique, contemporary and very necessary voice. We are thrilled that ABC is allowing us the opportunity to bring Touré and Sarah’s modern views to an even wider audience in what will be a joyful and hopeful 30 minutes every week.”

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