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Check out Oscar winning actress Viola Davis as she and her creative team discuss the relevance and importance of the new TV One series, “Two Sides.”

As previously reported, “Two Sides” analyzes and presents multiple points of view of the highly charged cases involving Eric Garner (New York), Ezell Ford (California), John Crawford (Ohio), and Sandra Bland (Texas). Their tragic deaths sparked grassroots social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter, inspired protests by high profile personalities, and immortalized their names as tragic figures in the polarizing debate on police brutality and race.  Davis will narrate each episode and serves as executive producer along with her husband and business partner, Julius Tennon.

“What this show does is it arms you with as much information as possible…even information that you didn’t want to hear when the incident happened.”

“Two Sides” will also feature commentary from high profile contributors such as activist Rev. Al Sharpton, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and attorney Christopher Darden, as well as representatives from various law enforcement agencies and other notable pundits.

“Two Sides” airs on January 22 at 10 p.m. EST

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