Written by | Ray Cornelius 

Imagine being able to experience the wonders of Cuba or South Africa without ever stepping foot out of the United States. Well, that’s what I did yesterday as part of the “No Flight Necessary” Interactive Experience presented by noted travelista Lauren Miller and her Can’t Stay Put Brand.  The event took place at the 595 North Avenue space and featured an afternoon filled with exotic treats, amazing music, beautiful art work and much more.

#NoFlightNecessary is a 3-part event series (It’s also goin’ down in Washington D.C. and Oakland) and a multi-cultural showcase designed to stimulate all five senses. From speciality cocktails to photo backdrops to rhythmic dance beats and moves, No Flight Necessary gives you the authenticity of each destination without having to pull out your passport or carry any luggage.

In addition, the event also featured a lively panel discussion featuring Miller and some of her friends who also have excelled in areas of marketing, social media and branding. Bryanda Law, Drew Nguyen and Diamonde Williamson, were just a few of the panelists who shared their courageous stories of entrepreneurship and more.  The panel was hosted by my girl, Karma Jonez of KarmaJonezKnows.

Miller’s love affair with travel began at the tender age of 5, which served as a the foundation for her current lifestyle. After leaving corporate America, she turned her passion into her life’s purpose and now travels the world through her “Can’t Stay Put” Brand. Since its inception, CSP has traveled to over 40 countries including India, Iceland, Cuba, Brazil and South Africa. Miller has also collaborated with such brands as Travel Noire and has also been featured in such publications and websites as Huffington Post and EBONY.

Check out more photos below from the event and click here to learn more about No Flight Necessary and Can’t Stay Put Brand: 

Photo Credits: RayCornelius.com