Written by | Ray Cornelius 

The 2-night midseason premiere of the hit series “Queen Sugar” will air beginning October 3 & 4 and OWN has released a sneak peek of what’s to come.

I recently caught up with one of the show’s leading men—Timon Kyle Durrett—during the BronzeLens Women Superstars Luncheon. He opened up about about shooting the scene where his character, Davis West, talks to his son, Micah (played by Nicholas L. Ashe) about what really happened to him the night he was arrested by a White male police officer. It was a very emotional moment between an African American father and son and one that Durrett says was very “authentic.”

“I grew up in the inner city of Chicago and it’s unfortunate that I’m familiar with a lot of violence. So I know how it is to have run-ins with less than desirable law enforcement officers. The emotions were very real. Nicholas Ashe, who plays my son Micah…he and I just got together and we just dug in. We didn’t do a whole lot of rehearsing because we wanted it to be as real as possible. The reaction that you saw me give him when he started  throwing everything up was real because I didn’t know he was going to do that. It was very authentic and they let us live in that moment. What you guys saw was done in a few takes. It was one of my favorite scenes.”

Durrett also credits the show’s all-female directors and producers as the real magic of the series. “The balance of there being an all-woman directorial team. I think that the details that are being shown are because of the artistic eye that these women bring. A lot of television, up until now, has been male driven. I’m a man’s man but when I am in rehearsals and in talks with these female producers and directors and actresses, I get to see things through a different lens and not just mine,” said Kyle Durrett.

Check out the new trailer below and mark your calendars:

Photo Credits: OWN and RayCornelius.com