Posted by | Ray Cornelius

So I was at the High Museum of Art’s Friday Jazz the other night checking out the Andy Warhol Exhibition (it is so dope you guys) and saw the promotion for the “Making Africa” exhibit. If you don’t know, I am a huge fan of African fashion and feel like the rest of the world is finally catching up. I’m not just talking about the colorful dashiki err’bodies been wearing but real, authentic contemporary fashion from the motherland.  Any who…”Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design” is coming to the High this fall (October 14) and we got all the details.

“Making Africa” offers a fresh look at African design through a myriad of diverse works by more than 120 artists. Ranging from playful to provocative to political, the works include sculpture, prints, fashion, furniture, film, photography, apps, maps, digital comics, and more. Atlanta’s High Museum of Art is also the very first venue in the U.S. to present this international touring exhibition. Not NYC but ATL!!

In addition, “Making Africa” also focuses on a generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers, and designers from and within Africa who address a global audience and provide the world with a new vantage point on their continent. The exhibition also illustrates how the artists use their work to effect significant economic, social, and political change.

Take a look below and click here to get more information:

Photo Credit: High Museum of Art