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“BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™” honoree and favorite Issa Rae covers the newest COMPLEX magazine and totally nails it. The award winning writer, producer and YouTube sensation opens up about her hugely popular HBO series “Insecure” and what fans can expect this second season.

“So this season you’ll see them [Issa + Molly] kind of  calling each other to the carpet in terms of being honest with each other because last season they let a lot of stuff build, so when we come in this season they’re like, “Look, we’re being honest with each other. We have a trigger word that is to make sure that we’re honest at all times,” and so we’re gonna see how that plays out throughout the season.”

Rae also gives her two cents on being young and in Hollywood and why she always supports emerging talent.

“It’s amazing. It’s just, like, you give someone an opportunity and if they knock it out of the park other doors will open. Then it’s crazy because other people will just jump on board, but it’s like all they needed was a chance and that’s the biggest catch-22 of the situation of just trying to work in Hollywood, trying to hire younger writers, trying to hire people who aren’t in the union and who aren’t experienced. It’s like they’ll never get those opportunities if they don’t get a chance, and some people get a chance and blow it. OK, but at least they got one.”

Check out the full interview below where she talks about Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood’s “changing of the guard” and more amazing shots from her photoshoot:

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