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If you’re in Atlanta this holiday season, make sure you check out award winning actress Naima Carter Russell as Jenny Hill in the Theatrical Outfit production of  “Big Fish.”  It is playing now through December 18th and is a show you don’t want to miss.

Inspired by the novel and hit Tim Burton film, “Big Fish” spotlights Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman whose biggest hope is to live life to its fullest. Edward’s tall-tales thrill everyone in earshot except his questioning son Will, about to be a father himself, who demands to know the truth behind Dad’s epic stories of giants, fortune-telling witches and mermaids. Full of heart, humor and inventive stagecraft, “Big Fish” offers an experience only theatre can – one that’s richer, funnier and bigger than life itself.

15252629_10153909104596262_5213709263936737164_oRussell is super excited to be appearing in the show after the recent birth of her second daughter, Addie. “One year and a second pregnancy later I’m back on stage. This time in Theatrical Outfit’s production of ‘Big Fish’ the musical. It’s got mermaids and giants and singing, oh my! The musical encourages you to live your life or loud, and everytime I hit the stage I feel like I’m challenging my own narrow minded view that actors have take a bow until their kids are out of diapers. I’m encouraged that their is no perfect time to live your dreams,” said the actress during a recent interview with”One of my favorite lyrics in the show is ‘be the hero of your story till it’s done. Why go promenade when you were born to run’!”

Russell is no stranger to the spotlight. She is a Suzi Bass Award winner (Atlanta’s Tony Award) and has starred in several local and regional productions including last year’s “Memphis” as well as Aurora Theatre’s “Tranced,” “Lark Eden,” “A Year with Frog and Toad” and “Christmas Canteen.” She also appeared in Pearl Cleage‘s “The Nacirema Society Requests…” and “Christmas Carol” for the Alliance Theatre, “Antigone” for Georgia Shakespeare, “Caroline, or Change” for St. Louis Black Rep and “Rejoice” for True Colors Theatre Company.

Look for Russell to appear on a future edition of my radio show “UPFRONT” where we will discuss what it really takes to be a stage actress in the new Hollywood South.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video of TO’s “Big Fish” below:

Photo Credits: Theatrical Outfit and Facebook/Naima Carter