Written by | Ray Cornelius 

Congratulations to Kandi Burruss‘ new music group, LOUD. The multi-cultural quartet will embark on their first national tour beginning next week as guests of The Boys Of Summer Tour. The group—Timothee Alex, Katimarie, Kiersten and Turner—will perform during the Southeastern leg of the tour which officially kicks off in Fort Lauderdale-Miami on Tuesday, July 5. Other stops include Orlando on July 7, Jacksonville on July 8, Atlanta on July 10, Raleigh on July 11, Nashville on July 27 and Memphis on July 28.

unnamed-84I spoke to the group at the top of the year and a national tour was just one of the many goals they’d hope to accomplish in 2016. Most importantly, they were excited about using their new musical platform to help bridge the gap between all races.

“Our diversity is what brings us together,” said Timothee Alex. “What we try to do is use our race and our differences as an advantage to show everybody that music is the combining force. More importantly, we want to use our music to make the world a better place.”

When asked what the biggest lesson they’ve learned so far from their mentor, Kandi Burruss, the group was quick to point out—TEAMWORK!

“We’ve learned that team work is the most important thing and you have to put your difference aside,” said Turner.  “Sometimes what you think is best is not always what’s best for the group. What you also have to realize is that what you’re doing is for the betterment of the group. Once you’ve learned that then it becomes easier to work together because everyone is on the same page.”

In addition to the new tour, LOUD has also been filming a new music video. The group recently posted behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot on Instagram.

Check out the group below in a recent video of their journey to Los Angeles and click here to purchase your tickets for The Boys Of Summer Tour featuring LOUD.

Photo Credits: boysofsummer.com and RayCornelius.com