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Rickey Smiley is determined to change the negative perceptions of single dads, particularly African-American fathers, through his unscripted TV One docuseries, “Rickey Smiley For Real.” The multi-talented comedian hosted a very special screening of season two last night at Atlanta’s SCAD Show (formerly 14th Street Playhouse) along with TV One and a cadre of celebrity friends and family.


Rickey Smiley on the red carpet

The one-hour series, which premieres next Tuesday May 10 at 8 p.m., takes a humorous look at Smiley’s hectic life as a nationally-syndicated radio host, stand-up comedian, actor, TV personality and businessman as he tries to juggle his career as with his personal life where he is the single father to five children. Rickey strives to be a mega media mogul but is constantly being torn between his work and family demands, which frequently results in interesting and often funny moments as he constantly plays catch up. A notoriously picky bachelor with a habit of picking the wrong women, or ending relationships for the smallest of reasons, Rickey is a complete mess in the romance department.


Rickey Smiley explaining to the audience why the show is a hit!

“There’s a lesson in every episode,” said Rickey to the packed auditorium. “You have conflict resolution but there’s a lesson. Also, dads get a bad rap sometimes and I think finally, a single dad that’s managing business and kids is a good look for us.”

In addition to focusing on his family, the series will also put a spotlight on other areas of Rickey’s life including his church, his standup routines, his numerous appearances and community service. This unique quality about the show is what peaked the interest of TV One’s SVP of Programming & Production, D’Angela Proctor.


Miss Pat, D’Angela Proctor and Porsha Williams

“Often times, reality TV can be placed into buckets. Like it’s either a work base reality show or it’s a family based reality show or it’s drama filled or it’s comedic. The thing about ‘Rickey Smiley For Real’ is that it checks a lot of boxes like family, relationships, business, entrepreneurship, and the radio industry,” said Proctor to the audience.

“One of the things I have done as a producer and now a network executive is that I always believe in putting medicine in the food. But the food has to taste good in order for people to digest it. I believe that ‘Rickey Smiley For Real’ is a big hamburger with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, and nutrients and all kinds of stuff. You enjoy it but at the same time, you’re also being fed.”

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Gary with da Tea on the red carpet with Joseline Hernandez

Following the screening was a lively Q&A session moderated by Rickey’s “Dish Nation” co-host Porsha Williams. That was followed by an exclusive after party at the W Hotel Midtown.

Celebrities in attendance included “Rickey Smiley Morning Show/Dish Nation” co-hosts like Da Brat, Miss Juicy, Gary with da Tea as well as Kelly Price, Joseline Hernandez, Ed Lover, Brandi Williams, LeLee Lyons, and Nicci Gilbert. Other celebrities spotted were Jasmine Burke, Drea Kelly, Diallo Thompson, Julian Walker, Gwen Boyd Moss, Willie Moore Jr. and more!

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Da Brat


Princess – Creator of the Real Housewives of Atlanta


Miss Juicy


Porsha Williams and Gary with da Tea on the red carpet


Willie Moore Jr. 


Kisa Willis of TV One’s original movie “Chasing Waterfalls”


Derek Blanks 


Diallo Thompson


Brandi Williams – Blaque


Porsha Williams blowing kisses to the media




Shay Johnson of “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta”


Gary with da Tea and Kelly Price sharing a laugh on the red carpet


TV One’s Brad Siegel and Lori Hall with “Hollywood Divas” star Lisa Wu


“Saints & Sinners” stars Julian Walker and Jasmine Burke 


Gwen Boyd Moss – “Selling It in the ATL”


Beautii J – “Cutting It in the ATL”


Nicci Gilbert, Ed Lover and SWV’s LeLee Lyons 


Kelly Price 


Drea Kelly and Gary with da Tea cuttin up on the red carpet


Roger M. Bobb bringing greetings before the screening


Rickey Smiley with Da Brat, Porsha Williams and Gary with da Tea


After show Q&A was hosted by Porsha Williams 

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