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Actress, reality star, radio personality and women’s empowerment advocate Stacii Jae Johnson hosted an exclusive Q&A session about her new book, Date Girl: 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men, on Wednesday night in Atlanta, GA. The private event took place at the new Salon Pennae in Buckhead.

IMG_0026SJJ - Day Stacii Jae Johnson/ Photo Credit: Dae Rae Media

Yours truly, RayCornelius.com, served as the evening’s host and talked very candidly to the self proclaimed “multidating philosofixer” about the book and her controversial new dating theory. In the book, Stacii suggests that single women should date at least three men in order to find the right one. She feels that women are too quick to commit to men who aren’t necessarily deserving of their time and energy. While she doesn’t support having sexually relationships with these three different men, she does encourage spending quality time with them and getting to know them beyond their physical exterior.

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Stacii Jae Johnson/Photo Credit: Dae Rae Media

“Single women give their most precious gift—monogamy—away to men who have yet to prove they’re worthy,” said Stacii to the mostly female audience. “When I look back over my dating life, none of the guys that I was in a relationship with were deserving of that. What you should do ladies is date multiple men in order to get to your one.”

She also suggests in the book that women should step out of their comfort zones when it comes to the type of men they date and that it’s ok to stray from their list of dating requirements. Stacii also thinks that too often, women don’t get to enjoy the moment of the date because they’re too busy trying to figure out if he is marriage material.


“We all like to be comfortable no doubt and to some extent we consider a date to be a good one when we feel comfortable with someone. However, the discomfort of the unfamiliar may be good for you…being challenged…doing something new…being in an unfamiliar surroundings…relating to a totally different kind of person than you’re used to…can bring out the best in you. It can also reveal things about you that you didn’t know were there and force you to be creative. Getting out of your comfort zone by dating a guy that you wouldn’t normally date is a risk. But it is only by taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone that we can truly explore growth…” says Stacii in her book Date Girl: 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men.

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Photo Credit: Dae Rae Media

After the conversation, Stacii took questions from the audience about the book and also gave out some more relationship advice. Following the Q&A, she signed copies of her book and took pictures with fans.

A number of Stacii’s friends and associates came out to support the event including YouTube sensation Funky Dineva, “Atlanta Exes” star Christina Johnson and celebrity makeup artist Toni Acey. Participants also enjoyed chocolate cover strawberries from Dipped by Lylas, light refreshments from Match Bamboo Lounge and plenty of Korbel champagne compliments of Brian Green.


Christina Johnson, Angel Knight and Toni Acey

In addition to talking about the book, Stacii also shared with me that her Centric reality series “From the Bottom Up” has been renewed for a 2nd season and that she is also teaming up with Martin Lawrence for a sequel to his 1996 box office smash, “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” where she will reprise her role as “Peaches.” She is also looking to turn her book into a movie.

Shouts outs to Jamal Simmons of Frame 88 and by Datrick of Dae Rae Media for documenting the evening.  Stay tuned for more updates and see more photos below:

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Ray Cornelius introducing Stacii Jae Johnson/Photo Credit: Dae Rae Media


Ray Cornelius talking to Stacii Jae Johnson about the new book


Stacii Jae Johnson with Funky Dineva, Zelda Pittman and guest


Stacii Jae Johnson signing her book


Stacii Jae Johnson pictured with NStyle Atlanta‘s Shayla Ray


Pennae and her “Salone Pennae” team

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Stacii Jae Johnson with Mona Stephen and Paul Gendreau

Photo Credits: RayCornelius.com and Datrick of Dae Rea Media