Written by | Ray Cornelius

While many of you were watching the dramatic season finale of “Empire,” I was actually hanging with one of the show’s new stars—Tobias Truvillion. He plays suave music executive and Jamal’s new undercover boo thang D Major on the show.

He was in Atlanta Wednesday night to host a special screening of the show’s season finale at T.I.’s Scales 925 Restaurant and Lounge. In addition to his appearance, Truvillion was also in town promoting his upcoming film, “The Products of the American Ghetto.”


Tobias Truvillion

According to a casting website, “The Products of the American Ghetto” depicts the life of a young boy, Brian, who wants out but the only images of success that he see’s are the drug dealers around him. Yes he knows about doctors and lawyers, however where he is from he is taught that those are not options that are easily attainable. He’s told by teachers that he can’t go to college, He’s told my adults that,“where you are is where you will be and its your place.” Brian results to joining the drug game to stop his mom from selling her body to take care of him and his siblings. Through this story we see exactly how the kids in these environments get lured into the drug game and how they see it as their only way out.


Tobias Truvillion with Terayle Hill

The script is based on a book written by Tierre Ford while he served time in a federal prison and features Truvillion along with Robin Givens, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Keith Robinson, Rodney Perry, Momma Dee, Loren Lott, Shamae Morton, Tasia Grant, Terayle Hill, Yung Joc and more!

Check out more photos and the trailer below:


Tobias Truvillion taking pics with fans


Tobias Truvillion on screen with Jussie Smollett in “Empire”


“The Products of the American Ghetto” debuts later on this year


Tasia Grant stars in “The Products of the American Ghetto”


Tierre Ford wrote “The Products of the American Ghetto” while serving time

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